PhlebotomyWorktext and Procedures Manual【電子書籍】[ Robin S. Warekois, BS, MT(ASCP) ]


<p>With an illustrated, storyboard format for procedures, <strong><em>Phlebotomy: Worktext and Procedures Manual,</em> 4th Edition</strong> describes all aspects of phlebotomy, with current coverage of equipment, safety procedures, arterial blood gases, point-of-care testing, and practical phlebotomy skills. Procedures cover core functions and are outlined with step-by-step instructions and new full-color photos. Clinical scenarios, practice tips, and new <em>Avoid That Error</em> features keep the focus on application and practice. Written by phlebotomy expert Robin Warekois, this practical worktext also includes competency checklists, a mock certification exam, a detachable bookmark that can serve as a tube guide, anda new video collection on the Evolve companion website.</p> <ul> <li></li> <li> <p><strong>A detailed, storyboard format</strong> outlines common procedures, with steps accompanied by new full-color photos.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>Study and certification exam preparation questions</strong> in each chapter help you review and remember the material.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>A mock certification exam</strong> in the appendixmirrors the format of the actual phlebotomy certification exam, allowing you to review for the exam with 150 multiple-choice questions.</p> </li> <li> <p>***Competency Checklists***at the end of the booksummarize the most critical and important steps in phlebotomy procedures.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong><em>C</em>linical scenarios and tips</strong> encourage you apply your knowledge to real-life challenges in the workplace.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>Student resources</strong> on an Evolve companion website include a pre-test,animations, a new procedural video collection, interactive exercises, a mock certification exam, and an audio glossary.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>Ananatomy and physiology section</strong> offers illustrated, in-depth information on body systems.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>A perforated bookmark</strong> on the back cover serves as a quick, portable reminder of which stopper tops to use for various diagnostic tests.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong><em>Flashbacks</em> and <em>Flashforwards</em></strong> provide a cross reference to related information in previous or upcoming chapters.</p> </li> <li></li> <li> <p><strong>NEW video collection</strong> on the Evolve companion website demonstrates how critical procedures are performed.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>NEW</strong> <strong>photos</strong> have been added, in addition to new content on professionalism and HIPAA, equipment, and technology.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>NEW! <em>Avoid That Error</em> scenarios</strong> help you develop critical thinking skills and provide helpful tips on resolving problematic situations.</p> </li> </ul>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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